The history of lathes from the civil war is interesting. Poor technological advancement made warriors use readily available materials to make simple tools for their woodwork and metalwork projects. The lather machine dates back from the 18th century. By the time of the civil war, the tool has made several strides in terms of technological advancement. The first lathe machine during this period was bulky, it had to be transported using a boat which was convenient at that time. Water was the main source of power. This means it could only be used in areas where there was a supply of water. In as much as it had various challenges, it served the purpose at that time.


Later on, inventors developed better tools, which was less bulky and used wind power. They have also invented weed eaters which are helpful in today’s generation. Before purchasing any weed eater, you need to check for the comparison of weed eater brands. The civil war was characterized by the use of weapons, guns, and heavy machinery to fight the enemy. The lathe machine had an important role to shape and design canons used by the warriors. The industrial revolution was the epicenter of the invention of various tools including the lathe machines.

The uses of lathe is almost the same with the uses of router. Router is a woodworking machine and table used to increase the versatility of a hand-held router.


The First Machine

The first lathe machine had to be operated by two people. One held the metal or wood to be shaped and the other person had to operate the machine from the power source and to the blade to ensure the right shape is found. The power source has to be ignited using a rope, this was the main challenge of the first lathe machine. It was cumbersome to operate and tiresome as well.


Spring Pole Lathe Machine

The ancient Romans developed a simpler and easier to handle lathe machine where the pedal was manually rotating the metal or wood piece similar to the manual sewing machines. The development of this machine was because of the onset of industrial revolution where different metalwork and woodwork tools were massively invented. There was also a massive establishment of industries where they worked on a commercial production of the woodwork. The lathe machine was not left out either. The spring pole machine was used up to the early years of the 20th century.


Automatic Lathe Machine

Industrial revolution focused on more simple, easy and automatic machines, which was aimed at massive commercial production. Various parts of the old lathe machines have to be replaced with automatic parts, for example, the power source now used horse power, electricity and oil power. From 1950 to the present time, the lathe machines have been developed to suit different needs and size of work. They include:


Light Duty Lathe: used in handling simple electronic an automobile functions.


Medium Duty Lathe: used for handling many complex functions which cannot be done by the light duty machine.


Heavy Duty Lathe: handles commercial functions used for iron and steel.


All Geared Lathe: uses gears with different strengths, it is a multipurpose lathe where they can be used for handling lathe functions of different capacity.


Currently, there has been several strides made in the development of lathe machines. Manufacturers have diversified to meet different cadres of lathes activities.

Ping Pong in the 18th century was referred to as Strip table tennis or strip Ping Pong. Napoleon Bonaparte was renowned for the game in Europe. Although it was not played for competition, it was for fun and entertainment. It only involved the paddles and balls with a normal table. It was a social game used in parties to unwind and pass time. It only became an Olympic game in 2000 when it first featured in the World Olympics. The civil war age saw the introduction of rackets from the initial ball of the palms. The French were the first people to introduce and play the game. Although it was only for the high and mighty that is why it was referred to as the royal class game.


At this time, they used the palm instead of the butt to hit the ball, this later was scrapped by the use of the butt. The game was purely an outdoor game, the beginning of the civil war age saw the game moved from an open air to the closed room. He introduced rules to govern the sport and make it recognized nationally.


John Jacques and sons developed the first set of table tennis equipment in 1898. It was a sports company, which helped make a leeway in making the sport popular in Europe. The beginning of the 19th century, the sport was governed by the Ping Pong Association and Table Tennis Association, which had a battle for supremacy. The sports company safeguarded their brand by patenting the names and equipment to avoid duplication. Those who developed the ping pong equipment can be considered as ping pong enthusiast.
There was massive media coverage to popularize the sport. The fact that it has numerous mental benefits the port was introduced in schools and educational institutions. Currently, the sport has made numerous milestones in terms of equipment and venue. The industrial revolution associated with this era also saw a development of new equipment and better tennis tables with spongy tops, which allows the ball to bounce back.


Technological advancement also had an impact in the table tennis sport. Currently in the World championships uses automated systems to record scores and display the results immediately the player wins or loses. The civil era was the cornerstone of the new developments since the current developments have just modified what the ancient developers already had. In addition, they capitalized on the challenges of previous developers to make better and smart toolkits.


The International Federation of Table Tennis has a fully constituted office and recognizes the sport in the World championships. The butt, ball and table tennis table have changed significantly over the past centuries.


The racket

The racket was initially has a long handle, it later changed to a shorter handle with sandpaper to reduce friction when spinning the ball. This has been currently accepted since it has proved to have better performance than the ancient racket. If you are playing in a tournament, you need to have a high quality paddle for the game in order to ensure comfortability while playing and maybe, could help you play the game well. Paddle is another term for racket.



The civil era is a critical stage in the history of table tennis because of its massive contribution in re-development of new equipment.

Letter writing was the only form of communication at the beginning of the civil war. However, when the war became intense, the North and the South of the United States became great enemies. The Post Office blocked letters from being delivered to and from either side. The North of the United States became the first to take action by suspending the post office services. The South in retaliation also ensured there was no delivery of the letters to the North instead they placed them in the dead mailbox and later returned to the sender.

The soldiers had a rough time to communicate back home and relay any important information. They had to be creative and a device other ways of delivering the letters. The only option was by using the seaports and there was no guarantee of delivery. In case the letters reached the recipients it took a longer time.


  • It was a cheaper means of communication.
  • It could be used for future reference since it was a hard copy.
  • Prisoners of war used letters to make a testimony of their atrocities they went through in the hand of their enemies.


  • It took a longer time.
  • The mail was slow
  • Relocation of soldiers from one camp to the other made delivery cumbersome.

As the war intensified, the Union introduced strict measures for ship owners and even carried out an inspection of the ships to ensure there was no mail delivered to any of the fighting sides. It did not bear much fruit since they could still hide the letters and finally deliver to respective persons.

Racism depicted in the Union army among the blacks and the whites was so evident that the victims could use the letters to communicate to their loved ones on their plight in the army. One spectacular case was a mother of one of the black soldiers took her time and wrote to the United States president Lincoln of the suffering the son was undergoing. Although it did not yield much publicity, it helped reduce slavery among the Union Army.

Immigrant letters

Immigrants who had left their mother countries for greener pastures in the United States wrote letters back home to communicate on their welfare and to promote America as a place of Hope. This helped solve myths that surrounded the United States at that time especially during the war times. These played a big role in promoting America as a state and all its beauties, which is still a norm to date.

The industrial revolution saw a paradigm shift in communication, better ways were now developed using electronic devices. Technological advancement has made letter writing a traditional communication method extinct; Emails and customer Relationship tools like InfusionSoft has taken center stage making letter writing dormant in the current digital market. This generation enjoys better and easier communication platforms the internet offers. This has made a big impact on email marketing evolution. Communication is now one of the most easier way to do. It will also give you an option to have a beautiful leadpages, but of course, this kind of feature is not for free, you need to subscribe to leadpages.

In general, we appreciate letter writing as a form of communication, its challenges helped in the development of better communication toolkits.

civil-war-soldiers-eating-foodCoffee drinking was supposed to be easy during civil war if they have a super automatic espresso machine. It is easier and simple machine, which is portable and can maintain the temperature of coffee for later use. The union Army from the North and the confiscated from the South found it difficult to make coffee for their troops who were out on the battlefield and the ones matching on the streets. The civil war era was characterized by traditional methods of meal preparation coffee inclusive.

The espresso machine was developed in the 20th century after the civil war. All they did was to gather twigs and make a makeshift smoker, boil water and put coffee in a jar and serve as they continued with their usual war against the enemy. It was cumbersome; the only advantage was there was an availability of wood fuel in the jungle. During the winter, it was not possible to make the smoker but had to improvise better ways since coffee was a stimulant essential for the war.

Logistics in the delivery of the coffee was difficult because it had to be made to a central point then distributed. The soldiers had no freedom to make the beverage at will. The North had an advantage since they could access the coffee, but the South had to depend on coffee supplies from the North which they blocked all avenues to enter the South. The South even labeled the Union Army from the North as coffee boilers.

The confiscate soldiers in the remote parts had to strike a deal with the Union army despite the war. There was plenty of tobacco in the South, they helped them smuggle it to the North in exchange for roasted coffee. The win-win situation helped the soldiers access the beverage though in low quantities. The type of coffee smuggled was of low quality but of at least they had access.

This era was characterized by poor technological advancement in food appliances like espresso coffee machines. The industrial revolution brought some relief since several innovations in coffee machines were established.

Advantages of espresso coffee machine

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It takes a shorter time to prepare.
  • Nutritive value of the grounded coffee is maintained.
  • The soldiers could take the best grade of coffee and enjoy the mental and health benefits coffee offers.
  • It maintains the temperature of the beverage since it has an in-built thermostat.
  • It is portable.


  • It uses electricity which the soldiers may not have access to the battlefield.
  • It could not withstand the heavy gunfire at the battlefield hence prone to breakage.
  • The technological advancement at that particular time was vintage for the machine to work.

It is evident the machine could have made work easier and helped the soldiers win the war and even reduce death rates among the soldiers. However, they did their best to prepare the beverage with the available materials and tools. If they could have lived to see and choose the best coffee machine here (, life as a soldier could be bearable.

During the civil war, the invention of wood burning smokers was at a traditional stage. Wood was the main source of energy for food preparation. The type of foods was also limited due to the political instability of the affected countries. The wild pig was the main source of meat, they were left to graze in the forests and when there was a shortage of food supply, they could be slaughtered and smoked to supply the warriors. Smoking is a preservative method of meat; they can stay longer before getting bad. The thick forest was a great source of wood fuel. There were no complicated methods; three stones were enough to make a wooden smoker and a simple wire mesh place the meat on top of the fire for smoking purposes.3a03825r

The smokers( were simple and portable to suit the army and the servicemen in the war field. Smoking is a traditional cooking method for outdoor events. The warriors would hide in caves that were where they set up the smokers and prepare their meat bites. In the forests, they will hunt for edible meat from wild animals and prepare a meal. The wooden smokers also acted as a sign of the presence of an enemy, the moment they would see it, especially at night it was an alert of the presence of an enemy. It helped them prepare for an attack at any time.

They used the hardwood to burn in the smoker since their taste was not harsh compared to softwood. They also contributed to a sweet sense of the meat because of their protein component. The industrial revolution led to the emergence of simple wood smokers which could be used for a smoked meal without contact with the food.

 The offset smoker

Offset smoker was common since it was simple and easy to carry in the war tanks. There was no contact with the meat since it is designed with different chambers and it used charcoal instead of raw wood. The smoke level was also reduced to minimize air pollution. However,  great care was required when operating since it uses oxygen to burn fuel. There has to be a constant flow of oxygen when using the smoker. The cooker has a pipe to emit any smoke to the air. It became a simpler smoker used in any part of the jungle when out during war times. When they say “Get the best quality smoker” it means THE OFFSET SMOKER

 Smoked meals

Smoking was the only method of cooking during the civil war. The offset smoker( could smoke beverages, vegetable, and fruits, meats, starchy foods among others. With the smoker, they could prepare a three-course meal comfortably as long as they have the food supplies while out in the jungle. When there was a shortage of food, they could resort to edible wild animals, hunt them slaughter and smoke them for the next meal.

Wooden smoker was the only convenient cooking appliance during the civil world war. However, because of industrial revolution and technological advancement modern smokers like electric smoker have been designed to prepare smoked meals.

Dogs played a vital role in American civil war. They had the best breed of dogs, which were trained to participate in different roles. Apparently, roles perfectly done by the dogs were no longer in the military curriculum for the servicemen. The dogs had several uses in the civil war which include fighting, attacking, confusing the enemy, bomb detonation, messenger services, medical experiments, tracking and detection of mines and electric wires, detect danger and snipping.


SOCOM forces- a special branch of the US military used the dogs to go after the enemy and attack them through biting and injuring their legs which will lead to the fall of the soldiers. This tactic was best to help flee prisoners and ensure the dogs could detect the direction in which the enemy ran and plan more attacks to finish the enemy. That’s why they keep their dogs strong by giving and using of glucosamine in a dog during world war


The military dogs could be sent through an aircraft and dumped in the enemies’ camp to disorient them; they could then capitalize on the confusion to clear the enemy and mark their territory in the process they could take the injured as military prisoners.

Confusing the enemy

A military attack is successful when there is teamwork among the service men. The military dogs were trained to create disharmony among the enemy. The US army decided to train millions of dogs and later send them ahead of the human soldiers to scatter them and then plot their massive attacks.

Bomb detonation

The military dogs were also trained to sniff, detect and even detonate bombs ahead of their handlers. They could do this through their strong sense of smell and touch. The detonation was tactful to help maintain the handler’s lives and their equipment. In case of difficulty, they would inform their masters for further action.

Messenger services

Service men are sometimes scattered all over in a bid to surround the enemy for a single attack. The dogs could be used to relay messages to different troops to help in their tactics. Sometimes they could be sent with letters and other light supplies. In some cases, they could wheel carts full of supplies from one point to the another according to instructions given by their masters.

Medical experiments

When the military personnel designed a new military tool, the dogs were an easier target for testing instead of service men and women.

Tracking detection and snipping

Sometimes the battlefields have caves and are unsuitable for human soldiers. Dogs came in handy to access such areas and tell their masters on their safety and security levels for them to take the necessary action.

The modern dogs have been trained to adapt to the current military threats and enemy tactics, although they use the ancient tricks with modern facilities, which makes work a little easier.They can eat anything available to survive just like if what they got is just cinnamon [] Different dog breeds are trained for different purposes in the military. There are some dogs, which are a legend since they have been able to perform beyond the expectation of their military masters.

Present maybe the most important time but without history, present didn’t exist. Let’s bring you back to the past. Let’s thirst to know what the history teach present. Come and join us in the journey of the past.

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