Dogs used for military purposes during American civil war

Dogs played a vital role in American civil war. They had the best breed of dogs, which were trained to participate in different roles. Apparently, roles perfectly done by the dogs were no longer in the military curriculum for the servicemen. The dogs had several uses in the civil war which include fighting, attacking, confusing the enemy, bomb detonation, messenger services, medical experiments, tracking and detection of mines and electric wires, detect danger and snipping.


SOCOM forces- a special branch of the US military used the dogs to go after the enemy and attack them through biting and injuring their legs which will lead to the fall of the soldiers. This tactic was best to help flee prisoners and ensure the dogs could detect the direction in which the enemy ran and plan more attacks to finish the enemy. That’s why they keep their dogs strong by giving and using of glucosamine in a dog during world war


The military dogs could be sent through an aircraft and dumped in the enemies’ camp to disorient them; they could then capitalize on the confusion to clear the enemy and mark their territory in the process they could take the injured as military prisoners.

Confusing the enemy

A military attack is successful when there is teamwork among the service men. The military dogs were trained to create disharmony among the enemy. The US army decided to train millions of dogs and later send them ahead of the human soldiers to scatter them and then plot their massive attacks.

Bomb detonation

The military dogs were also trained to sniff, detect and even detonate bombs ahead of their handlers. They could do this through their strong sense of smell and touch. The detonation was tactful to help maintain the handler’s lives and their equipment. In case of difficulty, they would inform their masters for further action.

Messenger services

Service men are sometimes scattered all over in a bid to surround the enemy for a single attack. The dogs could be used to relay messages to different troops to help in their tactics. Sometimes they could be sent with letters and other light supplies. In some cases, they could wheel carts full of supplies from one point to the another according to instructions given by their masters.

Medical experiments

When the military personnel designed a new military tool, the dogs were an easier target for testing instead of service men and women.

Tracking detection and snipping

Sometimes the battlefields have caves and are unsuitable for human soldiers. Dogs came in handy to access such areas and tell their masters on their safety and security levels for them to take the necessary action.

The modern dogs have been trained to adapt to the current military threats and enemy tactics, although they use the ancient tricks with modern facilities, which makes work a little easier.They can eat anything available to survive just like if what they got is just cinnamon [] Different dog breeds are trained for different purposes in the military. There are some dogs, which are a legend since they have been able to perform beyond the expectation of their military masters.