Handwritten Mail during Civil War, Infusion Software during Generation Next

Letter writing was the only form of communication at the beginning of the civil war. However, when the war became intense, the North and the South of the United States became great enemies. The Post Office blocked letters from being delivered to and from either side. The North of the United States became the first to take action by suspending the post office services. The South in retaliation also ensured there was no delivery of the letters to the North instead they placed them in the dead mailbox and later returned to the sender.

The soldiers had a rough time to communicate back home and relay any important information. They had to be creative and a device other ways of delivering the letters. The only option was by using the seaports and there was no guarantee of delivery. In case the letters reached the recipients it took a longer time.


  • It was a cheaper means of communication.
  • It could be used for future reference since it was a hard copy.
  • Prisoners of war used letters to make a testimony of their atrocities they went through in the hand of their enemies.


  • It took a longer time.
  • The mail was slow
  • Relocation of soldiers from one camp to the other made delivery cumbersome.

As the war intensified, the Union introduced strict measures for ship owners and even carried out an inspection of the ships to ensure there was no mail delivered to any of the fighting sides. It did not bear much fruit since they could still hide the letters and finally deliver to respective persons.

Racism depicted in the Union army among the blacks and the whites was so evident that the victims could use the letters to communicate to their loved ones on their plight in the army. One spectacular case was a mother of one of the black soldiers took her time and wrote to the United States president Lincoln of the suffering the son was undergoing. Although it did not yield much publicity, it helped reduce slavery among the Union Army.

Immigrant letters

Immigrants who had left their mother countries for greener pastures in the United States wrote letters back home to communicate on their welfare and to promote America as a place of Hope. This helped solve myths that surrounded the United States at that time especially during the war times. These played a big role in promoting America as a state and all its beauties, which is still a norm to date.

The industrial revolution saw a paradigm shift in communication, better ways were now developed using electronic devices. Technological advancement has made letter writing a traditional communication method extinct; Emails and customer Relationship tools like InfusionSoft has taken center stage making letter writing dormant in the current digital market. This generation enjoys better and easier communication platforms the internet offers. This has made a big impact on email marketing evolution. Communication is now one of the most easier way to do. It will also give you an option to have a beautiful leadpages, but of course, this kind of feature is not for free, you need to subscribe to leadpages.

In general, we appreciate letter writing as a form of communication, its challenges helped in the development of better communication toolkits.