Ping Pong as the “Bizarre” Game during Civil War Age

Ping Pong in the 18th century was referred to as Strip table tennis or strip Ping Pong. Napoleon Bonaparte was renowned for the game in Europe. Although it was not played for competition, it was for fun and entertainment. It only involved the paddles and balls with a normal table. It was a social game used in parties to unwind and pass time. It only became an Olympic game in 2000 when it first featured in the World Olympics. The civil war age saw the introduction of rackets from the initial ball of the palms. The French were the first people to introduce and play the game. Although it was only for the high and mighty that is why it was referred to as the royal class game.


At this time, they used the palm instead of the butt to hit the ball, this later was scrapped by the use of the butt. The game was purely an outdoor game, the beginning of the civil war age saw the game moved from an open air to the closed room. He introduced rules to govern the sport and make it recognized nationally.


John Jacques and sons developed the first set of table tennis equipment in 1898. It was a sports company, which helped make a leeway in making the sport popular in Europe. The beginning of the 19th century, the sport was governed by the Ping Pong Association and Table Tennis Association, which had a battle for supremacy. The sports company safeguarded their brand by patenting the names and equipment to avoid duplication. Those who developed the ping pong equipment can be considered as ping pong enthusiast.
There was massive media coverage to popularize the sport. The fact that it has numerous mental benefits the port was introduced in schools and educational institutions. Currently, the sport has made numerous milestones in terms of equipment and venue. The industrial revolution associated with this era also saw a development of new equipment and better tennis tables with spongy tops, which allows the ball to bounce back.


Technological advancement also had an impact in the table tennis sport. Currently in the World championships uses automated systems to record scores and display the results immediately the player wins or loses. The civil era was the cornerstone of the new developments since the current developments have just modified what the ancient developers already had. In addition, they capitalized on the challenges of previous developers to make better and smart toolkits.


The International Federation of Table Tennis has a fully constituted office and recognizes the sport in the World championships. The butt, ball and table tennis table have changed significantly over the past centuries.


The racket

The racket was initially has a long handle, it later changed to a shorter handle with sandpaper to reduce friction when spinning the ball. This has been currently accepted since it has proved to have better performance than the ancient racket. If you are playing in a tournament, you need to have a high quality paddle for the game in order to ensure comfortability while playing and maybe, could help you play the game well. Paddle is another term for racket.



The civil era is a critical stage in the history of table tennis because of its massive contribution in re-development of new equipment.