About Us

Hi, welcome to my civilwaroutpost.com blog. I hope you will enjoy and be touched on everything that you saw here. The reason why I created this website is because, I want to share the knowledge that I have about history especially during Civil War. Maybe, alot of us now, in this generation will not take time to read about history since its all in the past and what’s more important is the present, but we should not forget that without the past, present will not exist. History, is somehow one of my favorite topics because it makes me wonder what happened in the past and want to turn back time and experience the hardships that our ancestors experienced.

I have gathered a group of people who share the same passion as mine, so we are here to help you out regarding your questions about history and to share the knowledge that we have about history. I am looking forward of seeing you read history and be eager to know how history created present.

In the succeeding posts, you will also get to know more about us and about history. So, take this chance of bringing yourself back to where past created.