The Evolution of Lathes from Civil War Age to Present

The history of lathes from the civil war is interesting. Poor technological advancement made warriors use readily available materials to make simple tools for their woodwork and metalwork projects. The lather machine dates back from the 18th century. By the time of the civil war, the tool has made several strides in terms of technological advancement. The first lathe machine during this period was bulky, it had to be transported using a boat which was convenient at that time. Water was the main source of power. This means it could only be used in areas where there was a supply of water. In as much as it had various challenges, it served the purpose at that time.


Later on, inventors developed better tools, which was less bulky and used wind power. They have also invented weed eaters which are helpful in today’s generation. Before purchasing any weed eater, you need to check for the comparison of weed eater brands. The civil war was characterized by the use of weapons, guns, and heavy machinery to fight the enemy. The lathe machine had an important role to shape and design canons used by the warriors. The industrial revolution was the epicenter of the invention of various tools including the lathe machines.

The uses of lathe is almost the same with the uses of router. Router is a woodworking machine and table used to increase the versatility of a hand-held router.


The First Machine

The first lathe machine had to be operated by two people. One held the metal or wood to be shaped and the other person had to operate the machine from the power source and to the blade to ensure the right shape is found. The power source has to be ignited using a rope, this was the main challenge of the first lathe machine. It was cumbersome to operate and tiresome as well.


Spring Pole Lathe Machine

The ancient Romans developed a simpler and easier to handle lathe machine where the pedal was manually rotating the metal or wood piece similar to the manual sewing machines. The development of this machine was because of the onset of industrial revolution where different metalwork and woodwork tools were massively invented. There was also a massive establishment of industries where they worked on a commercial production of the woodwork. The lathe machine was not left out either. The spring pole machine was used up to the early years of the 20th century.


Automatic Lathe Machine

Industrial revolution focused on more simple, easy and automatic machines, which was aimed at massive commercial production. Various parts of the old lathe machines have to be replaced with automatic parts, for example, the power source now used horse power, electricity and oil power. From 1950 to the present time, the lathe machines have been developed to suit different needs and size of work. They include:


Light Duty Lathe: used in handling simple electronic an automobile functions.


Medium Duty Lathe: used for handling many complex functions which cannot be done by the light duty machine.


Heavy Duty Lathe: handles commercial functions used for iron and steel.


All Geared Lathe: uses gears with different strengths, it is a multipurpose lathe where they can be used for handling lathe functions of different capacity.


Currently, there has been several strides made in the development of lathe machines. Manufacturers have diversified to meet different cadres of lathes activities.