Wood burning smokers used during civil war

During the civil war, the invention of wood burning smokers was at a traditional stage. Wood was the main source of energy for food preparation. The type of foods was also limited due to the political instability of the affected countries. The wild pig was the main source of meat, they were left to graze in the forests and when there was a shortage of food supply, they could be slaughtered and smoked to supply the warriors. Smoking is a preservative method of meat; they can stay longer before getting bad. The thick forest was a great source of wood fuel. There were no complicated methods; three stones were enough to make a wooden smoker and a simple wire mesh place the meat on top of the fire for smoking purposes.3a03825r

The smokers(http://www.seriouslysmoked.com/best-propane-smokers-reviews) were simple and portable to suit the army and the servicemen in the war field. Smoking is a traditional cooking method for outdoor events. The warriors would hide in caves that were where they set up the smokers and prepare their meat bites. In the forests, they will hunt for edible meat from wild animals and prepare a meal. The wooden smokers also acted as a sign of the presence of an enemy, the moment they would see it, especially at night it was an alert of the presence of an enemy. It helped them prepare for an attack at any time.

They used the hardwood to burn in the smoker since their taste was not harsh compared to softwood. They also contributed to a sweet sense of the meat because of their protein component. The industrial revolution led to the emergence of simple wood smokers which could be used for a smoked meal without contact with the food.

 The offset smoker

Offset smoker was common since it was simple and easy to carry in the war tanks. There was no contact with the meat since it is designed with different chambers and it used charcoal instead of raw wood. The smoke level was also reduced to minimize air pollution. However,  great care was required when operating since it uses oxygen to burn fuel. There has to be a constant flow of oxygen when using the smoker. The cooker has a pipe to emit any smoke to the air. It became a simpler smoker used in any part of the jungle when out during war times. When they say “Get the best quality smoker” it means THE OFFSET SMOKER

 Smoked meals

Smoking was the only method of cooking during the civil war. The offset smoker(www.seriouslysmoked.com) could smoke beverages, vegetable, and fruits, meats, starchy foods among others. With the smoker, they could prepare a three-course meal comfortably as long as they have the food supplies while out in the jungle. When there was a shortage of food, they could resort to edible wild animals, hunt them slaughter and smoke them for the next meal.

Wooden smoker was the only convenient cooking appliance during the civil world war. However, because of industrial revolution and technological advancement modern smokers like electric smoker have been designed to prepare smoked meals.